Bride for the Day, Episode 1, Chicago Nice

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Bride for the Day

Episode 1

L. L. Christenson

Series: Chicago Nice
Genre: Contemporary Romance


When Nadia is offered the new Creative Director position at His Forever Bride, a top bridal publication in Chicago, she’s thrilled to leave her Nebraska-Hoosier roots and move into her new life and dream job.

Nadia sets her goals high and doesn’t mind working long hours to meet the magazine’s monthly deadlines. When a snowstorm hits, closing down flights and highways, Nadia’s best intentions for their biggest issue of the year, falter—unless she can find a stand-in bride and groom. Her first choice is Dante, but he’s the only one who knows fashion photography. Not only that, he already offered Marcos the groom job, if the hired model didn’t get i before the airports shut down flights.

Dante sees something else behind the lens—the desires he sees in Marcos eyes and how he’s immediately drawn to Nadia—who never looked so lovely.

However, when Nadia can’t see wedding bells—with Marcos—in any glimpse of her future, even for the Day, will Dante be able to get the shot—or will he have to step in as the groom for this photo shoot—and, if he can convince her—forever.


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